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About Us

Cixi Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd.

Cixi Lianchuang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, located in the south bank of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and in the Cixi City of Zhejiang Province on the coast of the East China Sea. Is a professional manufacturer of integrated network cabling products.

Our Advantage

  • Quality products

    The products are RJ45 super five / six / super six modules; RJ11 telephone module; RJ45 super five / six / super six distribution frame; RJ11 voice distribution frame; information panel and desktop box and so on.

  • Perfect equipment

    The company has a large-scale mold shop, injection molding workshop, production assembly workshop and test room. With independent research and development capabilities, it can be engaged in the whole process of design, mold opening, testing, and production.

  • Advanced technology

    From the procurement of raw materials, to the design, production, delivery and service of products, the quality is strictly controlled, and the advanced production technology is adopted to make the performance of the products reach the advanced level of the peers. All the indicators are in line with international standards.

  • Quality service

    The professional technical support company has a group of high-quality, technically competent professional technical teams. Years of experience accumulate and provide uninterrupted service.


How to distinguish between super 5, 6, and super 6 categories in the RJ45 information module?
The RJ45 information module, also known as the network module, is mainly used in the field of network comprehensive wiring. With the continuous improvement of the network, network comprehensive wiring products are also constantly upgraded. The technology of free network module has been quite mature and applied in various network comprehensive wiring, while the wiring network module is rarely used.